Paddy's Lucky Forest Slots

Step into a magnificent magical forest with the most beautiful shades of teal and roam the enchanted meadows in search of fortune as you admire every corner of Paddy's Lucky Forest's world. When it comes down to the environment's atmosphere, RTG's designers have completely knocked it out of the park - it is immersive and visually pleasing, and yet it has that essential touch of mystery.

Believe in Miracles While Strolling Across One of the Most Stunning Slot Forests

A fantasy world as unique and beautiful as this one deserves unusual gameplay and rightfully gets it - the shape of the grid is refreshingly original. A more familiar aspect of the title is the presence of the Irish luck charm theme, which, one way or another, will put a smile on everyone's face. Another thing that will most definitely make you smile is the three available Jackpots. Call upon your lucky spirits, perform all the lucky rituals you know, and you might generate a life-changing fortune in one of 720 possible ways.

Powerful Ladies and a Fat Gentleman Will Unleash the Profitable Powers of Irish Mythology

If you ignore the presence of some very generic symbols and focus on the characters and the magnificent original imagery related to the theme, you will undoubtedly enjoy the paytable. A majestic bridge with the colors of the rainbow will rekindle your faith in luck charms. Do you remember that old myth about the lucky powers of a horseshoe? Well, the golden symbol in this game is solid proof to back the validity of that legend.

And then, there are the characters, which are the true heart and soul of the game. You will meet three sorceresses - one dressed in green, another in purple, and the third one will wear yellow. The ladies might look good and pay well, but their skills pale in comparison to the giant, fat reward that the leprechaun is capable of delivering.

Get Ready to Become Superstitious is the Most Profitable of Ways

Pick a four-leaf clover from the forest's depths and make a fortune through its highly complex ability. Explaining that intricate spell in full would require far too much text but, in short - it moves from one place to another, and every time it does, the numbers in your bank account will rise. As if the powers of the clover aren't satisfying enough, you can also draw cash from the pot of gold's mini-game.

There are two possible rewards you can acquire through that little feature. The first one allows you to spin the grid fifteen times for free. The second one sounds far more impressive, and it just might be - taking advantage of it will grant you a humongous amount equal to fifty times the wager you have chosen. So do yourself a favor and boost your chances by always picking the highest possible bet. That, coupled with some good-old Irish magic, will make you unstoppable.